Monday, July 03, 2006

Much better Monday

I just realised this morning that I missed Dad's birthday. Not only did I miss Dad's birthday, but I missed it with STYLE. Even though Mom casually mentioned that Pete and Brenda were coming over for birthday dinner last friday, I completely breezed past it. Then this morning, I was talking to a nice lady about renting a couple of German SS Lugers and I suddenly realised: "O NO I completely forgot about dad's birthday." Not completely forgot about it. It was always in the back of my mind "right, dad's birthday at the end of June..." but it kept getting closer and closer to the end of June and now it's JULY which can mean only one thing. Missed it. Damnit. Sorry dad! You know I love you, even if I didn't send you a card. *smooch*

The trend of being super-organised continues. The show goes on, rehearsals are going well. Today we had kiddies in for the first time, which was fun. I love how this play includes scenes with a Jewish family from Rome just to anchor the lofty solioquys of the other characters and give them some perspective. Not to mention making act 5 all the more horrifying. But it is hot, hot, HOT here in London. O my Lord. And there is nothing quite so disgusting as public transport when it's 90 degrees outside. Since we got done early today I managed to get to Sainsbury's for food, so tonight we're having BLTs. I discovered that they do have real bacon, but it's called streaky bacon here. I was going to bring a treat for tomorrow since it's the Fourth of July, but then decided if I couldn't bring cheese curds, I wasn't going to bring anything. Mrr.


Sarah said...

It's HOT here too. Its been in the upper 90s, but now it's raining a bit on the 4th so hopefully it will cool down. yay for sticky southern summers.

Laura said...

Ha! Well that just makes up for all the times MY dad has forgotten MY the scheme of the universe.