Friday, July 21, 2006

moral dilemma

I slept until 2PM today. I just couldn't be arsed to get up any earlier. Then I had to go to the theatre to make our camera work--last night it nearly took out an audience member when it fell over. and I needed to buy more edible props. All questions of God and accountability aside, here's a REAL question of morality: if your show is on a budget, does that make it okay to shop at Tesco's where they engage in dodgy sales practicses, ala Wal-Mart? I hope so, because I went there today to restock on milk, lemonade and Febreeze (tha big bottle) even though I swore I would never set foot inside the store. But then, as I was standing on the corner of Earl's Court Road, which is a major thoroughfare, I was suddenly struck by the thought that this looked awfully familiar--and then I realised. This is where Freddie Mercury used to live. And, more importantly, this is where my 19 year old self made the pilgrimmage 5 years ago to visit his house. suddenly, the history of the area included a ghostly ME! which my 24 year old self could grin about in a fond sort of way as she made sure to get some cigars as well.

After the show, Alison and I were hit upon by a very drunk, albeit very hot British man who looked like he was Michael Pitt's understudy in "Hedwig." He was actually quite nice--drunkenly annoying, but nice--but when I tossed out the old tester line "I'm into theatre, do you go?" I got a blank look. Which means he went on the "no" pile. sigh. No, no, I'm flattered, really, no REALLY, but, trust me, I'd probably just be boring unless you were into theatre. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to go grocery shopping, but then again, maybe I'll just sleep in one more day...


Chris said...

I've had to go through the same delimma out in Utah with Wal-Mart and I've had to come to this compromise. For myself I won't shop there but if I can't avoid it I'll shop there for shows due to the fact that either a. they're the one place in town that has what I'm looking for or b we can't afford it otherwise.

Laura said...

I say if you're going into a wal-mart steal whatever you need. steal it. They can afford to loose it.

Interesting moral question when working on a play about the churches denial the Holocaust was happening. (you can make your own fabreeze cheaper, out of vodka, rubbing alcohol, and something else, water, maybe, and it doesn't leave the Fabreeze smell because the alcohol evaporates. It's what we did at the Fireside.

I know what you mean about encountering your own ghostly history in places. That was part of my expereince in London when I went to places I'd been when I visited it in High School, and part of my expereince in Point when I visited places I'd been as a high school art camper. Weird huh?