Thursday, July 06, 2006

talking up my show...

I'm feeling much better tonight. After the rehearsal, Kate and I went over to the costume shop to see how things were going. They are fabulous! Then afterward, we went out for a beer 'n burger 'n bitch. It's weird because I'm sitting there watching everything that's happening during rehearsal, but silent, so tonight when she would say something like "You know what really irritates me!?" I could go "Yeah, I noticed that! How annoying!" So we bonded over shared rehearsal experiences and swapped stories of past shows. Then she said, "Yeah, I was just saying to Susannah [our producer], how I don't know where you came from. You're great." And I immediately flopped down on the floor, presented my belly and went "yes! pet me some more!" No, what I said was, "well, it's really easy when you're working for someone who's as dedicated and committed as you are." Then we proceeded to happily abuse one of the designers who's taking a week to paint four Renaissance masters. Pfft. Seriously though, this show is really amazing. I feel priviledged to work (my a££ off) on it.

So here's a couple pix I stole from our photocall...:

Robert, who's playing the Abbot (on the left) and Jack (the Cardinal) are the most talented actors I have ever seen. Full stop. Watching Jack work through his motivation to get to the heart of his character is astonishing. He is the reason I'm going to stop making fun of actors. (well. for now anyway)

The joy of photocall is that you get to make up scenes. Unfortunately, our Pope never actually meets a Nazi, but isn't this a wicked shot? Steve, our SS officer who's secretly gathering evidence against the Nazis, is the most intense actor in the whole show, and he's amazing. I saw this uniform today, with extra little bits added and it's terrifying.

I was sitting in the office, watching Olly adjust his coat, and I leaned in and said to him, "Olly, is it bad that I think you're hotter dressed up as a priest than in your normal clothes?" And then about three seconds later our costume designer said to me, "Can you cut off a piece of this white fabric and tuck it in for his dogcollar?" So there I was, my arms around a man I had just shamlessly flirted! Interesting note: this coat is actually being used by our Dr. Mengele character. From a priest to a demon...such is the theatre.

See ALL the pritty pics at:

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