Friday, July 28, 2006

"While you've been sitting here reading the papers...

...I've been busy sacrificing myself for the Jews." --Olly, during the second interval to Will who was busy reading my Guardian.

I've been filling out applications for jobs here in London: now that I have some experience under my belt, I feel more confident applying for ASM positions (which are more akin to our stage hands). But all the companies here want you to fill out THEIR application forms, which means I waste a lot of time transferring the information directly from my resumes to a form application. And they're all a little diferent. It's been stressful. Then today I had to hurry into Lewisham, buy a new printer cartridge and some envelopes, hurry home to print out an application to get in the mail, so I left for the theatre feeling cranky. When it's this hot, even just moving fast can get you stressed. Then, as I was going up the escalator at Westminster I tripped--hard--and bruised my leg. Now I've got four lovely little teeth marks on my shin from the escalator step, right below the just-healed scratch from load in. Grrr.

As if that wasn't bad enough, at the theatre I accidentally hit my dresser in the face with the iron plug as I went to put it on a shelf and made her cry.

So I came to the show feeling very put out, despite the fact I had my pre-show done an hour early. I'm very into zen and the art of stage managing, and I'm afraid I might have cast a pall over the show. It went well, but I had to tie myself to the boards and focus to make sure the cues came in the right place. I just hate being stressed and transferring that to the actors. Hopefully they didn't mind me stomping around, being angry with myself for being stupid. I tried to avoid everyone, but when there's only two people on crew... Grr. Tomorrow I'm going to finish up this round of applications which should help, now that I don't have to buy more ink. And I'm going to wear shoes. No more flip flops on the Underground.

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