Monday, July 10, 2006

put your hands up

This morning I picked up the Metro, which is a freebie newspaper they distribute to commuters. It's about 50 percent ads, 25 percent faffy celebrity stuff and the remainder is taken up with articles that are no more than 200 words in length. And Sudoku. But this morning an article caught my eye: in Iraq a group of Shia militants set up a fake checkpoint and demanded the passports of anyone who wanted to get through. Anyone who had the wrong religion stamped on their passport was dragged out of their car and shot.


What decade--what century!!!--are we living in?! You could not draw a straighter line between the scene that happened in Baghdad yesterday and the scene from the play we rehearsed today where a Catholic priest and a Jew trade passports: one stamped with the Vatican seal, the other with a big red "J." Jesus. What does it take to teach a generation thou shalt not kill?!

The only solution, as far as I can see, is to Conquer All With Love. So tonight, go tell someone you love 'em. Better yet, walk up to somone who scared you and give 'em a hug. Hey, if you've got their arms pinned, they can't reach for their gun. Love, love, love, love. Where there is love, loneliness, confusion, anger and despair dissipates. So love the hell out of one another. And rest assured, I love all of YOU.


Laura said...

I love your idea of filling the world with love in response to negativity! That's really inspiring! Should I write Olando Bloom a letter saying I love him anyway and forgive him for sucking in Pirates?
All I have to say is beware of any country that requires you to list your religon on your passport. Religon: None of your damn business!

Chris said...

I hear you Nicki- there is a Kurt Vonnegut quote that I think you might like... "There is no Reason Good can't triumph over Evil If only Angels will get organized along the lines of the Mafia"