Friday, June 30, 2006

Less Genocide, More Comedy Servants

We are nothing without our sense of humor, as Kate proved today when she uttered those words. Over and over again I am constantly amazed at how damn GOOD some of these actors are. The fact that someone can pull a backstory, intention, motivation and action out of literally three lines of dialogue is incredible. And also proves to me that I clearly don't have to work as hard, since actors can do anything with nothing. The scene we rehearsed today involved a young priest serving an older priest tea, and the two actors worked it out that tea was a constant source of irritation to both of them, since the young priest always forgot the cake, and the old priest thought the tea was always too strong, and spinning it out into a grinner of a bit. Of course, being The Representative, the scene quickly moved into more serious territory, but the mere FACT that a conversation could take place around the serving of the tea...but then again, I may just be showing my inexperience. Clearly they've all had more training than me...but watch out, I'm paying VERY close attention.

I am very organised today. Spent an hour on the phone getting the schedule for next week arranged, just in time for it to be changed (aaargh), called up all the kiddies for their first rehearsal, updated the props list, sat on book in the afternoon to feed lines to the actors, sent out a rehearsal report, and now I'm on my way to pull props. Love it. LOVE IT. I can't think of any better way to spend a Friday night. Except maybe, SLEEPING. And tomorrow we're starting early so we can end early because the footy is on. I won't be watching however--at SOME POINT I've got to work on this brilliant Tony-Award winning play of mine.

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Laura said...

I'll think of you working hard while I'm eating cheese and drinking beer all weekend and well into the week! Love, Love, Love-