Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Only a Click Away!

Oh, dangerous internetz...I found airfare to London for $478...that's including week in the most glorious city in the world. No! No! Must remain strong...but still...Thank God I don't have my credit card on me. Debate, debate...

I had a dream last night that I had been press-ganged into the British Navy. Not the cool Navy (c. 1805) but the lame one where sailing was actually a respectable profession. I was on a ship for nearly two years, and then when I came home (home meaning London) I dreamt that I walked around the warehouses on the south bank looking for something, wearing a blue canvas jacket, my hair neatly queued. What it was, I'll never know, because I woke up to the radio telling me that Hillary Clinton won in New Hampshire. Drrr. Oh well.

And I was just thinking too, last night as I put away clean dishes, how thoughts of "I bloody hate Chicago!" haven't flitted across my mind for, oh, days now. Which I take to mean the memories of London aren't as sharp as they once were, not that I've come to love Chicago. This, clearly, is unacceptable, so I do want to make plans to return. Sooner rather than later. How much it's going to cost is irrelevant...I just want to make sure I'm not buying tickets and a week later accepting a full-time job that'll put the kibbosh on any traveling.

Okay, okay, I'll be patient. Mrr.


Alex said...

"but the lame one where sailing was actually a respectable profession."

Which period was this?

Samantha said...

I still cannot fathom the depths of animosity you have towards Chicago. I just don't get it. London, abandoned, moves on, while your current city, your fling, your home screams at you..."why can't you look at me! Why can't you love me! Please, I know I'll never live up to your precious London, but please don't forsake me! Give me another chance!" In my head Chicago's kinda whiny and over dramatic.

Nicki said...

Ah, but that's the point, I no longer have animosity towards Chicago. I don't think Chicago wants me to love it though. We're sort of...tolerating one another.

Lame period, approx 1850-1870's-ish? Suspect dream may have been influenced by my day at the historic docklands in Portsmouth:

and yes, I still think "Orlop" would be a funny name for a dog. :)