Thursday, January 24, 2008


The past couple days I've been temping, working my part-time job at LB and also helping out at 1776, which opens this weekend. And you should all come, because it's a damnfine show. I think I have a little crush on the actor who plays John Adams, but that may also be because a) he's playing John Adams or b) he wears breeches. And wears them very well, I should add.

That's what blogs are for, folks. Rather than saying embarassing things directly to people, I like to publish them online for everyone to see.

Also, Josiah Bartlett's wig looks like my real hair. Random.

I had another job interview yesterday. No, not for a theatre job, another receptionist job, but I haven't heard back. I'm quite tired of going on job interviews, but I suppose I'll have to until something comes up.

Tuesday I arrived home after rehearsal to learn that Heath Ledger had died. I'm not a particular fan of his, but nonetheless, the news affected me deeply. As I've said before, if people of that magnitude of talent die, then what can the rest of us do but soldier on in our mediocrity? And try to do our best. Heath, we hardly knew ye. Rest easy.

I wish I had more exciting news to end my blog update on, but that's pretty much it. Nothing extraordinary or dramatic at all. Blah.

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Laura said...

Are they very much breeches and is he very much wearing them?