Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hey, look what I can do with powerpoint!

So, I'm not working today and what do I do? World peace? Helping the homeless? Finishing a good book? Nah. I spent all morning arsing about on my computer, putting together some pictures of 1776 for your viewing pleasure. These photos were takin by our Lighting Designer,Julie Ballard, but the captions, I am ashamed to say, are all mine.

John Adams. On a personal note, I think I'm going to try to make a coat like that, but maybe not green. We'll see. I doubt I could wear it as well.

Jefferson, Franklin and Adams sing "The Egg." Franklin gets distracted. Per usual.

The "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" have a Mary Kay party. While the liberals are away, the GOP will play...

See what I mean about Jefferson's wig?!

Yes, I actually told the Courier he looked like my figure of the General. He laughed. Hope I didn't break his concentration too much.

I realised yesterday that this blog has turned into one big droolfest over my favourite actors, so I'm going to try to focus on more important things from now on. Like yesterday, for example, when our Fearless Leader gave his (cue cheers) LAST EVER State of the Union Address. And what did we learn? That he wants to keep his tax cuts for the rich. That he wants Congress to make wiretapping our phones legal forever. That he is desperately looking for money to prop up "No Child Left Behind" because if THAT falls by the wayside, his only "legacy" will be the Iraq War. To which I say, too late, sir, too late. He also blithely ignored all the information coming out of the CIA that says Iran has halted their pursuit of nuclear weapons and said that "we" (meaning "Americans" meaning--not those of use who are clever enough to see what your doing there) are not afraid to defend our interests overseas. Yeah, Iran! Come and get it. He also basically took credit for expanding democracies in Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine--areas he had no reason to say anything about, but blithely ignored the quagmire that is Iraq. He bragged about bringing home two brigades (brigadoons?) of Marines. That's like, what, five hundred people? A thousand? (someone help me out here) Either way, there were lots of shouting at the screen and throwing of popcorn. For the record, coal and nuclear energy are NOT "clean sources" of energy and, while they may reduce our dependence on foreign oil in the short term, they are NOT a long-term solution.

Overall, a really lame speech. And by lame I mean--lame. Not lame duck, just weak, as though Bush doesn't even have the heart to use soaring rhetoric anymore. He sounded defensive, putting the onus for bad things happening on Congress and almost visibly shaking his head "well, I did the best I could, but..." No, you're not going to get away with that--some of us remember what you've said in years past, so you better own up, buddy. What an idiot. I'm so glad that we're never going to have to hear him stumble through a SOTU address again.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in hearing what Barack Obama had to say about it, click here.


BelgianBlogger said...

You're supporting the right guy imo, unfortunately I live in Europe and can't vote in the US :-)

Make sure he wins versus Clinton and then even win more versus the Republican candidate!

Laura said...

What's that thumping noise? Oh, that's me banging my head against the desk.

I think I want to go back to hearing about hot actors.