Wednesday, June 27, 2007

you can take the girl out of theatre...

but you can't take the drama out of the girl.

I'm having blog envy today...I wandered over to "Anna Abroad" which sounds a lot like me, eight months ago, living it up in Europe, only slightly funnier. Check out Anna here. I especially appreciate her Louvre entry, where she's giggling at stupid tersts taking pictures of the Mona Lisa (they sell postcards! and much better quality than your crappy camera!) and geeking out about Hammurabi's Code.

I am also geeking out slightly today because I'm filling out the paperwork, etc, for my real, grown-up adult job, and looking around nervously, waiting for someone to stand up and go "hey! you don't belong here!" The best part was yesterday when our receptionist came up to me and gave me a proof of my business card--OMG I get my own business card! With my name and title and email on it and everything! teeheee! tee!

And here's a nice picture of Scarlett O'Hara that I found.

Funny story to end the post on: Two days ago I went into a magazine store and proudly asked the old hippie behind the desk if they had the new copy of "Bitch" magazine. Figuring he is a open-minded kinda guy, I joked about how I like to read this on the train holding it up in front of my face so everyone can see that I'm reading "a feminist response to pop culture." He just smiled weakly and asked if I wanted a paper bag to put it in--like the ones they have for adult mags. I gaily said "Nope!" and sailed out, magazineunder my arm. Then yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy for some lady products--and the woman checking me out graciously put everything into a paper bag before sticking it in a plastic bag with my dragonfruit juice. Like I was fourteen and still embarrassed about buying lady products. I know these two kind souls were just trying to be sensitive, but it made me think that the entire world was thinking I was embarrassed to be seen a) thinking and b) being female.

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Laura said...

The new bitch is out! Oh, I hope it doesn't get lost in the mail! I hear from other PCVs there's a lot of problems getting the mail.

OOOH that makes me mad they tried to put your stuff in bags! Whenever I read Bitch in public I like to turn to the nearest man and explain that it's a feminist magazine but he doesnt' have to feel threatened. However I do cover it up in Romania because most people speak English, but I don't want to broadcast that I'm reading in English because then I'm marked as a tourist.

Do you have last month's Bitch? I meant to photocopy the article on women in comic books and send it to Claude but doing anything like that in romania is just such a pain in the ass!