Monday, June 18, 2007

I never thought I could be so...


When did that happen? We closed the show on Saturday, and usually that leaves me with a great sweep of depression and feelings of emptiness, but not this time, due in part to the fact that I have made some new friends, and I am looking forward to working with them again. Also, the new job is going much better now (although I am a little swamped), and I have to distract me. I think I can finally say I'm happy to have moved back home, and I'm looking forward to the future.

Our last show was on Saturday. I did end up going to see "Pirates 3" in the afternoon, and then got made fun of all night because I made the mistake of telling the cast that the depiction of the British Navy is completely inaccurate. Really. I have a list. The last show went very well, and the audience was very appreciative. Afterward our technical director hosted a party, marred slightly by the fact that he doesn't have any deckchairs, so we all had to perch on the porch railing.

Then Sunday was strike--only three hours, and we were done. Thank God, too, for it's back in the high eighties again. The hardest part was painting the back wall black. Afterward, we said goodbye, shook hands and parted. I hope our paths cross again.

Then my roommates and I had a barbeque. Meat patties for the men, roasted peppers and onion fajitas for the ladies. We sat on the deck and drank iced tea and talked about things until well past ten o'clock, and then I went to bed and dreamt sweet dreams.

I'm waiting for the lightening bolt to hit, or the bus to hit me or something. I want to embrace being happy fully, but a part of me is wary. What's going to happen next? Surely someone who is as content as I am better watch out.

In other news, read this in the paper today and thought it was funny:

"Abraham Lincoln is my name
Took my pen and wrote the same
(something, something, can't remember)
And left it here for fools to read."

haha! Lincoln called you a fool!

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