Wednesday, June 20, 2007

well, it's true that we love one another...

I'm working late tonight--one of the architects has to have a proposal in for tomorrow, so he's figuring out the numbers and I'm typing them in. Right now he's working out a new schedule, so I thought I'd update. Lest you think I'm slacking I'm also organising the new project org chart for another proposal. I like my job, but I am not working late every day. I think I have another SM gig--free this time, unfortunately, but it would be a festival of short plays, so there's lots of networking opportunities.

I'm also staying with my friend Lennie this week, at her house. Lennie was one of the actresses in "The Castle" and she also doesn't like staying home alone while her husband is traveling. He's in Europe this week, so I'm "babysitting" which involves me being fed and allowed to use the washing machine. It's nice, but the commute home is slightly hellish. Evanston is farther away than I thought.

So, less chipper than two days ago. But still good

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