Sunday, June 24, 2007

stormy weather

On Friday I walked into work, late-ish, to have three people remind me that I had two proposals (books of about 75 pages each, both needing at least ten copies, with signatures, colour pages, binding, etc), due that day. I was a little peeved since I had been on top of this the entire week, and had, infact, had the first book on my boss's desk three days earlier for his inspection. Well, I busted my hump all day, pausing only for ten minutes for a quick turkey sandwich, and managed to get them both printed and bound. The only real break I got was when Mr. S took me into his office and told me that he was going to keep me on--hire me as a full time employee of this company, with benefits, paid holidays, reimbursed travel expenses, the salary that I asked for--oh, and he might take me to Washington DC to learn about federal projects so we can go after that. I was so exhausted that I could do little more than shake his hand and thank him, and I'm still tired. It took me until six o'clock to finish binding the second set of reports, and my hand is still huring from the archaic binding machine.

I'm not complaining. Next time something like this is due, I will be well on top of it--and I'd rather be busy and challenged than sitting around all day doing nothing. I'm very happy that this all worked out. Only--with these hours, it will put paid to a theatre career for the near future. I won't have time to stage manage, but I might be able to write more, and get my own company going, as long as I can get out of the office at five every day. The best part about this? With my salary I can afford to move to an apartment that allows dogs--and hire a dog walking service to come take care of him in the afternoon. Well. Someone had to sell out and become middle class.


Chris said...
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Laura said...

You're not really going to hire a walking service are you?

Sitting around doing nothing all day - laura