Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Excitement Begins to Build...

Oh Lord. I promised myself I wouldn't get excited, but have you HEARD about the NEW HARRY POTTER THEME PARK that is going to be built at Universal Studios? There's going to be a Hogwarts and Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley and... *drools*

I am already making plans for the "Order of the Phoenix" movie, which has been bumped up to July 11th. I think I'm getting too old for midnight showings, but if anyone is in town that day, I have one word for you: THREE DEE IMAX.

Then of course, book 7 is coming out July 21st...cannot contemplate right now, will explode from sheer anticipation.

So. A good weekend. Slept in yesterday, had two good shows with good audiences, had pizza for dinner last night. Sent out my resume to a couple new theatres. I'm so torn--I want to work in a real job where I can count on a steady income, but at the same time I need the freedom to do theatre. I'm so worried about money right now though, that I can't write. Tomorrow is another Monday! And hopefully next week there will be work and less assy temp agencies.

I also got eleven emails from friends today. Yay. I am loved.


Laura said...

11 emails just from friends! Jealousy! I'm lucky if I get 11 emails after not checking my mail all weekend INCLUDING newsletters i subscribe too!

Cathy said...

I was totally going to ask you what you were doing July 11th!!! We should make plans so that I don't have to drag my sister (a non-Harry Potter enthusist) to see the movie with me!!