Wednesday, January 18, 2006

'tis your delight, sir, catching fire...

You are all going to think I have nothing better to do than sit around and watch musicals when I tell you what I did last night. I finally sat down and watched the 1979 version of Sweeney Todd, and then for good measure I watched Act 2 again this morning before I wrote a play. (yes, a play. A whole play.)

Here's a picture of George Hearn who played Sweeney in another one of his famous roles, this one La Cage Aux Folles--or the Birdcage. He was so good in Sweeney that I'm delighted to learn I already have him on my Sunset Boulevard soundtrack. Rather similar to how I was delighted to learn that Michael Cerveris is on my Tommy soundtrack (as a matter of fact, he's Tommy). The fact that both these men sound weird on these CDs that I have already does not daunt me. They are good and must be supported. Even if George Hearn did do the Barney movie for some reason. (I'll support him, but I'm not watching the freakin' Barney movie.)

Anyway. I have been very, very bored these past couple days. Having handed in my essay, I find myself with nothing to do but climb the walls. Maybe I'll go look up some pictures of Michael Cerveris...


Laura said...

Tommy can you hear me!
I have a copy of Sweeney Todd from the library I haven't watched yet. It's George Hearn and Patty Lupone with Neil Patrick Harris.
George Hearn also replaced Joel Grey on broadway as The Wizard when Joel Grey said "I'm too cool for this I'm going back to outter space where I came from!"

Chris said...

Can i just say I'm impressed that you wrote a play this morning. Wow yeah I'm just gonna be impressed. What was the play about??

Samantha said...

I promise I'll see it before the semester's end!

A W Eglinton said...

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Have a good weekend,
Andrew E.