Sunday, January 15, 2006


Yesterday I was feeling extremely sore from the yoga class, but that didn't stop me from going to Surrey Quays and going to see "Brokeback Mountain" or, as some have referred to it, "The Gay Cowboy Movie." Let me put the record straight (no pun intended): the two main characters are the straightest men on the face of the planet. They just happen to be in love with each other. But both of them are so hyper-masculine that at points I was feeling a little alienated myself. As for the fabled romantic, passionate, tender makout scene by the campfire? Doesn't happen. All the girls in my dorm were squealing at me: "Don't tell us how it ends! We haven't seeeeen it!" Whose fault is that for not finishing your essays? Sheesh. I will say though, that my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE moment in the movie was where (*spoiler alert!*) the mom hands Ennis the bag with Jack's shirt, and Jack's dad is ranting in the background and his mom just has this LOOK on her face. Broke my heart. Anyway, better heads than mine have reviewed this movie, so I'll move on to Part Two of yesterday.

(oh, I also broke down and bought some new pillows. After realising how much better proper neck support is when sleeping at home, I decided to get some new pillows, hang the cost.)

Then last night I went to a party that was put on by a group called "Lovin' It Large" which was for "big people and their admiriers." This was a foolish thing to do, in hindsight, because apparently dancing uses the same muscles as yoga, so now today I am TRIPLY sore. When I got there, the nice lady at the door was like, "what! your first time and you came alone!" and immediately introduced me to Deborah, who bought a bottle of red wine and was regaling me with stories of all her boyfriends. "My youngest has been 24," she told me, "but usually they're in their 30s." (she's almost 50) Then her friends showed up and they all grilled me about the normal: where from, what doing, why here, how do you like London? and we had a great time! The music was loud and occasionally obnoxious, but I had a fantastic time dancing. Didn't meet any guys, but Deb gave me her number, bawling "we're going out next weekend!" We'll see if I can recover by then. Taking the night bus took over an hour--luckily I had Samio on speed dial so I could talk to a friendly face whilst I was busing. Then some jerk fell asleep on my and I was forced to wake him out of his reverie and inform him that, he was "kind of a jerk, you know that, right?" On the way home I tripped and (rather than lose my grip on my phone!) fell knees first onto the pavement and skinned both of them like a ten year old. They really hurt! So, let's do the list:
1. Yoga class of DOOM
2. Dancing in boots all night
3. Skinned knees
4. Headache
If I go to more of these parties, I'm going to winnow myself out, since I think I lost about ten pounds last night. I was one of the smallest people there and therefore could dance for longer. That probably explains why I'm busily blogging instead of printing out a final draft of my paper. :)


Greta said...

Hey, I'm HERE!!! Talk to you soon!

Nicki said...

GRETA's HERE! Whoohoo!!!

Laura said...

Ooohh! I want to be there so I can go out dancing with you! And drink cider! I'm sad I couldn't see Brokeback Mountain with you so I could I hold your hand!