Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blank Verse

I just want to apologise for the weirdness that my blog wandered into yesterday. I have promised myself no more musical theatre quotes, because people probably wouldn't know that the question of "Company" is "should I get married?" which merges in my mind into, "Should I commit my life to the theatre?" and people read it and think I'm going funny in the head. Anyway. Have spent the past couple days feeling very bored and lonely, mostly because I've been reading, writing, walking and spending lots of time by myself thinking. Ostensibly about my final project (of which there are currently five contenders) but usually about What I Want to Do With My Life. And listening to music, which then gets mixed up into my real life in my imagination, until half the time I'm walking around thinking about myself as a character in a play.

But, boredom will soon come to an end, since I have things planned for the rest of the week, not to mention Tony-award winning plays to pen. Today I spent in the coffee shop again, working on letters and writing. Here's a sketch that I knocked out while I was there:

Yup, another self-portrait. I just don't feel right doing other people...wouldn't want to presume to know what they look like. You'll notice the new yoga hoodie. I'm kind of scrubby today. Bored and scrubby. But at least I managed to get out of my room and enjoy the London sunshine. I never thought I'd be bored in London--but I am. Just have to get on over to the ol' Imperial Museum, I guess. :)

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Laura said...

I know how you feel, hon. I spent most of my time in London by myself.I got the quote from Company, just didn't know what you meant by it. I wish I was there with you. Do NOT go to the Imperial War Museum if you're depressed - unless you want to become suicidal! Well, maybe go look at the planes and stuff but FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND PURE STAY OUT OF THE HOLOCAUST EXHIBIT! I don't care if Sir Ian McKellen is a patron!