Saturday, January 07, 2006

There's no place like London

I find myself quoting "Sweeney Todd" a lot these days--and not just because I finally sat down and listened to the whole show.* But there really is no place like London. It's not brilliant, it's not a slimy hellhole, it's just...there's no place like it. Haven't managed to get back to Trafalgar Square and make sure Nelson is okay yet.

I stumbled off the plane about 10:30 and got to London Bridge just in time to not catch a train home. A train ride from the London Bridge station is about fifteen minutes to home, but I spent about two hours on various buses getting closer and closer until finally I could walk. While waiting at one bus station (surrounded by other women and lights, mind you) this jerk kept saying, "where you going? I can give you a ride!" Listen buddy, how stupid do you think I am? Just because I have an American accent and a suitcase, do you really think I'm going to get into a car with you? Aargh. I had only gotten three hours of sleep the night before, so when I finally got back to Raymont Hall, I had a little ramen, a little shower...then sat on my bed for an hour going "sleep, damn you, sleep!" I have never gotten jet-lagged before, but this time I had this horrible hangovery headache all day yesterday and again I couldn't get to sleep. And I am so dehydrated. Luckily the only cure for that is tea, lots of tea, mmm sweet, sweet Twinings, which tastes different in the US, it really does.

So, after spending yesterday resting and going to the grocery store--a two hour trip which completely sapped my strength. Which kind of bread do I like again? I forgot--I'm finally at the library. Ostensibly I'm here to do research for my essay, but an hour into my visit I'm still hunched over a computer. :) If you've emailed me, I'm sorry, I will respond tomorrow, I promise. It was great seeing everyone. Come visit me. :)

*never saw the ending coming!!! OMG!!!


Laura said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. I've been anxiously awaiting news of you. I heard eating a lot of carbs before you fly will decrease jet lag. Isn't tea a dyheretic which makes you pee and therefore dehydrates you more? I shouldn't talk. I just splurged and drank a diet pop which will dehydrate me further and I didn't sleep at all last night because I finally saw Brokeback Mountain (!) came home at 1:57 in the morning and talked on the phone until 7 a.m. (to Andy Claude).

P.S. I requested Sweeney Todd in concert from the Moorhead library.
PPS. There's no reason I had to post all of this as a comment on your blog when I could have sent it as an email.

Chris said...

Glad your back safe and sound. Sorry about the jet lag though. It really sucks. It was really good to see you and I hope that semester in London lends you plenty of fun adventures to tell us about and is good schoolwise as well. Glad to hear you made it back safe.