Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Afternoon tea

Lisa and I went out this afternoon, and we had afternoon tea...not the traditional tea, the way you think of it, but Chinese dim sum, where you order little dishes of things, and then you share. So we had bao, which are little round balls that tasted similar to thick angelfood cake stuffed with pork, prawn dumpling soup, sponge cake, pork ribs and chicken paw. Yes, chicken paw, as in "the foot of a chicken." Lisa ordered, since the menu was in Chinese, and when she took the lid off the pot, I couldn't believe it: there it sat. A chicken paw. Lisa said, "if you don't want it, I'll have it," and I said, "well, I'll try anything once," so I ate it. It was kind of...salty and rubbery, didn't taste anything like chicken, and there were lots of little bones. After I finished it, Lisa mentioned that chicken paw was one of her favourites, and I said, "I thought you were just being polite! Next time I'll let you have it!" On the list of weirdest things I've ever eaten, chicken paw is definitely at the top.

We were in Chinatown so Lisa could buy food for the Chinese New Year, which is this Saturday. She's cooking dinner, and then we're going to the parade on Sunday. Chinatown is kind of hidden behind Leceister Square--if you find it, or you know it's there, it's very easy to find, but it's also kind of hidden. So when we came around the corner and saw all the lanterns and decorations for the New Year, it was extra-special pretty. Of course, dim sum was a long time ago, and I'm getting hungry again. I think this time I'll have a hamburger--I've been exposed to enough culture for one day. :)

Later tonight I'm going to attempt to see Amato Saltone again...this time I'm bringing a flashlight. Wish me luck!

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