Monday, August 04, 2008

so much for Less TV

Spent all afternoon watching telly and nursing a headache which turned out to be from wearing my hair up in a ponytail--it's getting heavy again because I'm growing it out in the eighteenth century fashion. But, I did write a follow-up email to the person who has my portfolio...which is a writerly thing, and therefore totally counts.

"Dear Sir. Polite noises masking a desperate query: namely: DIDJA READ IT YET? More polite noises, some flattery, gentle enthusiasm, a dignified Sincerely, Me."

Doesn't exactly cancel out two hours of Animal Cops, least it's something.


Laura said...

Animal cops is such and addictive show. I used to plan my evenings around it, but you can't count on any good tv watching here. They just switch the program schedule on you in the middle of a week without notice and therefore - it's wasting time on the internets for me.

Samantha said...

You have a thing for pups...for me its food...Diners Drive-ins and Dives has me longing for decent family owned restaurants to the point where I even find myself missing Jersey. And Ace of Cakes...well...that's just plain theatrical bakery goodness. At least I can get simple hand sewing notes done for a show in front of the telly.