Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bringing home baby

I knew that adopting a dog was going to be hard, but oh my word, I never realised how difficult it would be. I'd never say that getting Kismet was like having a baby, but last night was definitely like having a newborn in the house. Every time he snuffled in his crate I would bolt upright from sleep to make sure he was okay, which means that today I am exhausted. Ex-hau-sted. I woke up at six-thirty to walk him before church, and then again afterward, and then I went out for lunch with Nicole and Erin, and then we picked him up and they walked him around the historical area while mommy played militia. And now he's back in his crate. I feel really, REALLY guilty about crating him so much--he's used to having a bigger house, with a yard and other doggy playmates--but I'm so tired right now that I can't discipline him properly when he jumps up or licks my face.

Part of the problem is, I think, that we packed a lot into one weekend. Usually I'm sitting around watching "Animal Planet" but for some reason I felt the need to entertain him by taking him to Lowe's (so we could buy some netting for the porch so now he can't get through the railings) and scare him half to death by exposing him to cannons, fife & drummers and cats--all in one day. Tomorrow he's in for a shock, while I'm gone to work. I'm hoping that he'll adjust to my schedule instead of becoming a neurotic puppy.

He's a sweet boy. And when he's being sweet, he's really sweet. But when he's being a boy and making friends with your leg (oh yes--now THERE'S a problem I've never dealt with before) he drives mommy crazy.


Samantha said...

Just stay consistent and as patient as you can...he'll get the hang of things...everything's so new and shiny for him right now! And who knows...eventually he may end up begging to be crated. I know our husky...Cin...turned her crate into her own little safe zone.

Laura said...

I know what you mean. The first weekend I had Bella my host mother invited us to the country house around the place where she found Bella. I brought her on the train (she slept in my arms) then she wanted to explore the room the three of us slept in but I was afraid of her walking around the room in the dark and eating some rat poison. I don't know how I managed to do it, but I dozed that night and every time that kitten made it to the edge of the bed, I woke up and held her back. Until daylight, but then I just became worried she might crawl up into bed with my host mom who might accidentally roll over and crush her. It had to be 7 in the morning when my host mother brought her in the kitchen for me and put her in a barrel she couldn't get out of so I could actually get some sleep.

Diane Fields said...

I am happy to see you finally got a dog and Kizzy is his name. That is great Nicky. Animals get used to a routine and don't be surprised if on your day off he gets confused.