Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Behold the Perfect Baby!

(with apologeez to baby gaboda...)

NICKI: (thrusting pictures into coworker's faces) Have you seen how gorgeous my niece is?!
COWORKERS: Yes, Nicki, I have...
NICKI: Yes, but have you seen her RECENTLY?!

Finally got some photos...I had to tranquilize my dog to get enough time to post them, but behold! the most beautiful baby in the world:

This is officially my new favourite picture...I love the expression of shellshock on Peter's face. :)

Mom and Dad and baby Lily...awww. What a happy family.

Grandma and baby Lily--this time showin' off those Lemery lungs. O SOLO MIO...

nope, that's not a doll...it's my beautiful niece!


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Samantha said...

Attack of the babies!!!! I assume you've seen Taylor Gaboda too! Between the pets and the babies looks like I may be one of a few 'childless' ones left!

Your nephew is beautiful!