Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Friends, I Am Dying

Weep not for me, but gather 'round and smile sadly upon this visage that was once the proud and noble house of Nicki. For I am dying. Yea, I shall pass away unto the earth and lie down with my ancestors and feel no pain, nor happiness, nor any mortal emotion save that of relief that I am dead, for only in death will I find relief from such pain.

Oh yes. It's that time of the month. I managed to make it through two hours of work today before I finally broke down, crying and nauseous, and went home. Agony, such as poets can only dream of, splitting the heavens, causing my heart to pound, my limbs to shake, my eyes to start from their head, and thoughts of self-harm to flit through my mind. I'm so unfocussed that I can't even fall asleep.

The worst part is I'm missing militia. Although, since my medicine of choice is all-natural Beer, it's probably a good thing I'm not shooting off a weapon tonight.


Laura said...

Oh my, I hope you're feeling better. I'm in the same boat as you, but not nearly as bad. In fact I'm mostly fine until I woke up this morning with nagging cramps and big ol' stomach ache. Hang in there, darling!

Samantha said...

Hot Chocolate. With a shot of brandy.