Monday, August 25, 2008

Separation Anxiety

"He's fine." Is the refrain I constantly heard today. I felt so bad about taking Kismet out and then crating him again so I could go to work that I felt physically sick to my stomach for the duration of the morning. I know he's fine. He's in his safe place with his toys and water, with his brand new Kong stuffed full of organic, good for you with flaxseed peanut butter that his mommy can't afford to feed herself.

He's fine.

But I still feel stressed and worried and guilty. When I came home we went for a long walk, then he had a bath and ran around the house like a crazy person, and now he's cheerfully chewing his frisbee to bits.

He's fine.

He's such a good dog. I just hope he doesn't hate me for keeping him in an apartment and relying on strangers to take care of him while I work late and gallivant around with a musket--which are so scary!!!


woops. That was kizwiz Ó WITH A PAW ON THE....caps lock key. snort. damme dog.

Okay. This has to get easier, right? The--for me, I mean. Someday I won't feel like a horrible person for leaving him alone, right?

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Laura said...

Welcome to being a parent. I remember the first day I left Bella alone for a whole day. I left at 7 in the morning and got home after 7 at night and ran to the apartment from the train station sure she had strangled herself with the ball on a string while I was gone. But she's still here and we're celebrating her 1st birthday next month!! Yes, it does get easier! Miss you!