Friday, November 17, 2006

steal this quiz

Everyone enjoyed my last quiz so much I thought I'd do another one--only this one is one that I came up with. I call it "A Quiz for Creative People" and I encourage everyone to copy it and fill it out.

1.Describe your favourite weather using a noun
Hammock weather!

2.If you could be alive during any time period, which would you choose? Why?
Probably 1770-1800s. the fashions would suit me, I think, and it would have been a very exciting time with all the new ideas and countries springing up everywhere.

3.Your favourite line of poetry?
“Rose leaves, when the rose is dead are heaped for the beloved’s bed.”

4.Book that you’ve read more than once:
Gone With the Wind: 6 times and counting

5.Worst traveling memory.
Probably arriving in rainy Glasgow with mom and dad during Bank Holiday and discovering that due to the Stones playing there is not a hotel room within a 150 mile radius.

6.What fictional character do you most resemble?
Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

7.Due to Bush not signing the Kyoto Treaty, the ice-caps have melted and the sea level has risen. What mountain range do you go live on?
The Appalachians, somewhere near Tennessee or Kentucky

8.If you had a daemon, what would it be? Name?
Probably something funny yet dignified, like a duck called Kismet.

9.Your favourite nail polish colour.

10.How do you express yourself creatively that pisses off the neighbors?
I tend to sing or listen to classical music really loudly while I’m cooking.

11.Dogs or cats?
Dogs plural.

12.Did you think the Beast was less hot at the end of Beauty and the Beast?

13.What’s your comfort food?
Mom’s meatloaf. If I have to cook, hotdogs with mustard and onions.

14.What song do you sing in the shower?
Either my friend’s song “Thing You Can’t Change,” “Worst Pies in London” or Weird Al Yankovic (good for breathing and diction)

15.Do you name your electronics? Do tell.
My computer is named Grane, and my iPod is named Napoleon.

16.Have you ever wanted to leave a show at intermission? What was it?
Yes. Titanic. GOD what a horrible idea for a musical.

17.Your favourite word?

18.Do you wear lipstick? Where do you wear it?
Sometimes. When I was younger I used to have some purple stuff I wore as eye shadow. Now I just wear it to work.

19.What’s your favourite part about your favourite holiday?
Christmas carols.

20.What kind of music are you listening to right now?
Thomas Tallis again—it gives a very chilled out feel to the workday.

21.Have you ever streaked?
Between my bedroom and the shower every night, teehee.

22.What’s your favourite way to travel?
On a boat!

23.Have you ever gotten a scar from doing a load-in? Where and how?
Several. Most recent was The Representative—I scraped my leg moving the seats.

24.Have you ever seen the aurora? How did it make you feel?
I saw it when I was coming home late in 2000…it made me feel really small but vitally sacred.

25.Your favourite way to end a piece of writing:

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Peter said...

3 is probably the best sentence ever written. Seriously. Ok, and Mr. Bush it isn't Coyote, its Kyoto treaty. HaHa, you gotta watch Robin Williams live on Broadway to get this, but its hilarious! Have fun in England! Pip Pop, Cheerio.