Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Comes Early

One of the actors on "Dogfight" asked me if Americans were as excited about foreign elections, because "I feel as though WE'RE having midterms!" Alas, no. But because of this close scrutiny, I've been able to keep up on what is going on back in the US of A, and I am very happy! The Democrats have taken back the House of Representatives! Whooooo! Although, it is a mixed blessing: I feel like I did when I first received news of the Battle of Trafalgar: Britain Victorious but Nelson is Dead! Only this time the Dems are victorious, but a couple of referendums in Wisconsin passed, alas, alas. Namely, the one defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman and one indicating to lawmakers that the good citizens of Wisconsin are actually in favour of the death penalty. Drrr. I think it's just that word "marriage" which I think is unfair: I'm going to campaign for civil unions between men and women. If most people consider marriage a religious institution, then what if you aren't religious? Or if you have an interfaith marriage? What's wrong with "united we stand?!" Am I the only one who sees the word "marriage" and hears "Mawwage!" from "Princess Bride| every time?!

And don't even get me started on the death penalty: anyone else seen "The Green Mile?"

But the voting American Public aren't the only ones giving me presents today. Last night I got an email from Mom saying that they had receieved my results and I passed! So now I am OFFICIALLY Nicole M. Lemery, MA. I love it. I'm going to order stationery for the express purpose of embossing "MA" after my name. It looks so good. I think the only thing that would look better is "Nicole M. Lemery, PhD."


Zeze the X said...

I'm impressed you can keep up with American politics. I can barely keep up with them here. :P

Laura said...

YOu can campaign all you want for civil unions but the amendment made them illegal BETWEEN a man and a woman. That's all the amendment says: treating people who aren't married like they are married is wrong. So that means my brother doesn't get ANY bridal shower gifts or engagement gifts or any registered any damn where until I see a marriage license. It means if I want to get a restraining order against my boyfriend I can't because that would be treating us like we're married (actual case in Ohio), I means if I'm 79 years old and live with a person of the opposite sex of similar age and we choose not to marry we can not share retirement benefits or medical insurance because we're not married. No civil unions, no domestic partnership, marriage or nothing.

By the way - the divorce rate in the USA is over 50% so I think get married for as long as you need the insurance.

Samantha said...

Congrats hon. Now if only Virginia would finish the tally. It'll be interesting being in DC for tech this weekend.