Monday, November 13, 2006

I want to break free...

The Big Boss from New York is in the office today, so everyone is in a tizzy, trying to look productive.* The name of the company I work for is a hyphenated one, and the gentleman in from New York has the name after the hyphen. I was mildly curious about what the president of a major corporation looked like, and was disappointed when he proved to be a completely stereotypical businessman. If I owned a company this big, I would definitely go around wearing loud shirts and demanding oddly flavoured tea.

I stayed up watching “The Two Towers” last night, then I couldn’t get to sleep. It wasn’t a problem this morning because I definitely overslept yesterday, but now I’m starting to feel the drag. And I have a headache. Ah, Mondays. I spent lunchtime in the park near Lincoln’s Inn, watching a guy exercising his dog. I pretended I was a hugely famous producer and he was my intern, exercising my pedigree whippet because I was finishing my organic salad while waiting for a call from New York. I love my imagination.

*except for me

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Laura said...

John was telling me about his favorite piece of luggage - in the past tense which i assume means said peice of luggage is no longer with us - it was a brushed aluminium brief case which someone in the factory had written on with a brush going in the opposite direction so the writing was very sublte and imagine only visible in the right light. It said: Corporate Whore.