Tuesday, June 20, 2006

shhh...I'm watching the footy

So the entire world has been wrapped up in the World Cup, which is football over here, and soccer to the Americans. By "wrapped up" I mean "obsessed in the most compulsive, preoccupied way possible." The football fans (all of 'em, not just the England fans) get so worked up that they have an unfortunate tendency to be violent. Last week a couple people were stabbed in Germany for wearing the wrong football kit. But as a world class traveller, I am keen to experience all parts of a culture, minus the stabby bits, so tonight I watched the England-Sweeden game. Well, I watched the second half. And I asked questions the entire time. And pointed out how hot both teams were. Had some tea.
Football is different from football not just because you can't touch the ball with your hands. The clock runs for 45 minutes without stopping. There were replays, but no endless discussion of strategy, no lists of statistics, and color commentating--only an occasional name from the announcer, since it was kinda hard to see who had the ball. Most of the game is in longshot because, unlike football, in football the players are actually moving around doing something. It was fun to watch. Next time I'm going to experience footy in it's native environment: the pub. England tied, 2-2, prompting the commentator to mention the only "colour" of the night--the fact England hasn't beaten Sweeden in 38 years. After the game was over the players exchanged handshakes and sweaty football jerseys, much to the delight of the female fans watching.

ps: Joy is discovering "CSI: Miami" is showing on TV. Despair is when they're showing an episode you've seen already. aaaargh...

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Chris said...

Yea!! Have a pint or two for me. I'm so jealous.