Sunday, June 04, 2006

Teh new SM!

I have great news! I've been hired as the stage manager for a production of "The Representative" at the Finsborough Theatre near Earl's Court!!! Woooo!!! This is a little theatre above a pub, but it's a proper gig, with a six week rehearsal process and a three week run at the end of July/beginning of August. I fear the salary isn't much, but it is a professional credit, and if there's any time for me to be working for free in London, this is it. It's not the West End..yet...but it's NEAR the West End and it's a real theatre!! I'll be working on a show again!

I haven't stage managed in a long time and I have definitely jumped in at the deep end: 14 actors, in the round, a three hour German (translated, tG!) play. Could someone please tell me what the name of the book was we used in Gary's class? I think now might be a good time to buy a copy...


Laura said...

Congratulations! That is going to look great on your resume! I can't remember the name of the textbook but if you want me to send you some SM files - I saved all mine from Verona and Lisa & David to a disc. They're all word docs so let me know if you think you can use them!
Are you keeping the ushering job at Heaven, too? I hope so - that sounded like fun, but I don't want you to get too stressed out!

Chris said...

Congrulations!!!! yea professional gig in London.

By the way there is a much better book by Thomas Kelly called The Backstage Guide to Stage Managment. I like because it deals more with professional theatre than academic. I highly recommend it

Sarah said...

Congratulations!!!! This should be an awsome and fulfilling experience...and the professional credits won't hurt either. YAY!!!