Wednesday, June 14, 2006

if then

if you genuinely like someone and tell them, only to have them politely rebuff you, then they go off with someone who has been flirting with you all year, then are you supposed to feel jealous, even if you have no reason to?

The first day of the SM job went well. Pretty easy: mostly watching actors talk character and drinking coffee. Blocking starts Friday; I have to get a props list together. It's good to be back in production. More tomorrow.

I'm just feeling a little disconnected tonight.


Chris said...

If that's what you feel than yes. Feelings don't always need to be rational the only thing is to not let them consume you. Glad the SM job is going well.

Zeze the X said...

Hell, I would! You don't ever need a reason to feel a certain way. You just feel, and maybe write about it later and share it with other people and find out how many have felt exactly like you do only were afraid to admit it. How much sense did that make?

Laura said...

I agree. Feel how you feel, but think before you do. What is this production about. Let me know so I can read it, over analyze it and point the casual dirty references of the script. (oh they're there.) Check your email and your snail mail soon!