Thursday, June 01, 2006

1812: the body rant

One of the great things about setting your clock to military time is, if you're a history nut, when it's 18:12, you get a little zing of joy because some crazy Canadian band wrote a song about the War of 1812.

I can hardly wait until 18:15!

We had a rehearsal today, and I am feeling much more comfortable with other people using my material. I still feel a little odd telling the actors about the characters, but, hey, who knows them better than me, right? My performance is in a week, and we have several more rehearsals before then, so I'm confident that it will all be shiny and good before Friday. I'm feeling very tired today, since I had to get up early and I was up late last night writing. I'm absolutely sick to death of rewriting the script for the show, but I'm starting to scribble out ideas for other projects to keep busy. And, as we all know, when the muse calls...

I was arguing with a mate of mine (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read this, so here we go) and they kept insisting that they sucked and that's why they were "alone." I kept thinking "er, no, the reason you're alone is because you're putting people off by insisting you suck" but this kept flying right past their head. I used myself as exhibit A that being fat does not necessarily prevent you from making/having friends/going out with people/even being attractive to the people of the opposite sex, (apparently what puts people off is being secure, strong-willed and independent!) but they kept insisting that once they lost a great deal of weight they were going to be perfect and all would be swell.

Well slice me into pieces and throw me to the lemurs, because if I was still sitting around waiting to become perfect I would probably have two very pissed off parents on my hands going "er, about that job..." As is stands, I get lonely quite a lot of the time, but I never back down from introducing myself as "the fantastic Nicole Lemery." I don't often use my blog to rant about myself personally, but I feel the need today to explain that it really is how you percieve yourself that makes who you are. If you think you are a beautiful, outgoing and attractive person, then people will see you like that. Not immediately, I'll be the first to admit I had to work up to my amazing self today, but eventually. Eventually (she laughs) you'll be able to wear a not-so-flattering white skirt and go "well, I'm gonna do it anyway because it makes me feel good!" And as for you, people of opposite sex, you're very nice, I'm sure, but I have managed to get along this far without you, so unless you're prepared to sweep me off my feet, then I'll take a pass. (note to interested people of opposite sex. I have one word for you: breeches.) As Jonathan Larsen put it in RENT: "Life's too short, babe, time is flying..." Maybe I'm just frustrated because this friend refuses to see reason, even when I'm dancing in front of them enjoying all life has to offer.

Behold the fabulousness--of me!

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A W Eglinton said...

Glad rehearsals are going well Nicky. I think you're piece will be great!