Friday, December 16, 2005

Thank God it's Over


That's either a scream of joyfullness or a sigh of relief--actors, notice how I didn't inflict any stage directions on you. You get to interpret it however you want.

I finally handed in my last two writing projects, and the performance yesterday was recieved really well. So that is a huge weight off my chest--or rather, my shoulders. They are so sore from the combinination of stress and carrying around my computer for the last three days (it's heavy!) that I can barely fall asleep at night. After the performance the writers and performers all went out to a local pub where I had a couple celebratory Strongbows. I love pubbing with theatre people--nothing funnier than being drunk and shouting, "Yeah, but, I don't think the dramatic aims of the piece were fully realised because of the nudity!" and having the local lads stare at you. (and for the record, I did go see a show with nudity. Several bits of nudity, actually, some bits...longer than others. Quite liked it, actually--er, the show, I mean. Very, ah, dramatic.)

About eleven I started having this gawdaful heartburn and I thought someone (Grandma?) was trying to tell me to go home and rethink my life. Then I realised I hadn't eaten anything all day, so on the way home I stopped for Chinese food. And they gave me a free calendar, a pretty nice one, actually. I have no food in my dorm because I ate it all in preparation for coming home day, so I'm eating out a lot now. :)

Anyway. I'm quite tired today (tired!!!! not hungover!!!!) also due to the fact--without giving too much away--during the performance I banged my face on the sink. I need to go home and clean my room. It is a whirlwind of papers and dirty clothes and a calendar that didn't stay stuck on the wall. I have an essay to write for next semester, but I'm not going to, not today anyway. My roommate Lisa and I have tickets to see "Aladdin" with Ian McKellan tonight, and then tomorrow I want to see "Twelfth Night." Then on Sunday there's a site-specific piece that ALSO includes a sink, so I should probably go see that.

It's hard to believe that I will be home in a couple days. More than anything I'm looking forward to being able to TALK to everyone and tell you all about what's been going on here, what I've been seeing. Give my typing fingers a rest. For the record, here is my schedule: I'm arriving late on the 19th, then spending Christmas in Green Bay. From the 27th to the 30th (and possibly New Year's) I'll be in Milwaukee hanging out with all my Point Friends. (to learn more about Point Friends, see blogs at right...and sorry it took me so long to add 'em, guys) and then I'll be back home for a few days before returning to London on the 3rd. I know I won't be home for very long, but...remember that essay? That's why I can blow it off now and go see Ian McKellan in a dress. :)

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Chris said...

I join you in the end of the semester joy. It is over lalalalala ;0). I'm looking forward to seeing you at the reunion and can't wait to hear your further tales of life in the big city. :0)