Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Adjusting the mindset

I was walking past the fish cart in Lewisham today, thinking, "ah, fish, smells like fish, look, there's some salmon, okay, perch, yup, sardines, hey, a shark, wait, what?" I had to stop and look again--this cart had a little shark hanging up for sale. Not a big shark, maybe something Uncle Ray would catch on his less successful fishing trips, but there was no denying it was, infact, a shark. Thanks for reminding me I'm in a huge city where sometimes people go to the market saying to themselves, "God, I hope they have some fresh shark today!" Shark is also a funny word. shark shark shark shark. hahaha.

I'm in a much better mood today. Must be the chemicals in the huge cloud of smoke blowing toward London.

I think the women here are in competition with one another. The strollers that they have are truly outrageous. You'll see this woman coming down the street, pushing a mountain of consumer goods, for all appearances some kind of homeless bag lady, and then you realise buried under all the bags there is a little kid, usually sleeping, and this cart is actually an SUV-sized stroller with all-terrain wheels. I'm not kidding. They also have little rain coats, so when it starts to rain here, down comes the awning which covers the entire cart, leaving these poor kids suspended in a clear plastic cube. It would be funny if these strollers weren't such a menace. I mean, they're huge! I saw one today that was, I'm not kidding, a crib on wheels--and of course, the kid inside was brand new, tiny tiny, and sleeping blissfully through it all while we stroller-less pedestrians were being crunched under the wheels if we didn't move out of the way fast enough.


Laura said...

Our shark.
Did I tell you when they pumped all the water out of New Orleans there was a shark swimming around in the parking lot of a mall?
I have to decide if I'm going to go back down there to Mississppi in Feb.

Chris said...

Shark is a funny word. I think I've seen the strollers you've talked about, mainly safely on shelf. They are amusing, if these are anything like what you are talking about they are like the sporty version of the stroller, which makes me laugh since 9 times out og 10 the kid inside doesn't care.