Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I guess I should confess after I wrote that last entry I then went and geeked out on the Noble website over all the Harry Potter merch.

Today I had no class, so I went grocery shopping. When I buy fruit and veg here, I do not buy it from Sainsburys, I buy it from the little market stand outside. (buying fresh veg off the street I can handle. Fresh fish is another matter) I wanted some tomatoes, but the only ones they had were these huge ones, five of 'em attatched to a vine. So I go to twist one of them off and this guy starts yelling from the next stall over. I figure he's yelling at someone over there, and continue and then just as the tomato comes off in my hand his words come into focus: "...don't break it off, they're sold on the vine...oh!" Then he just looks at me like I've dropped a Ming vase and says, "They're supposed to be sold on the vine."

Ye gods. There are still four perfectly good tomatoes left on that vine, sir. And now the next person who comes along who only WANTS four tomatoes will be happy. These tomatoes are huge. Who would buy five of these huge tomatoes?

Well, that's what I wanted to say. Instead I slunk off to pay, embarassed as hell. The lady taking my money didn't help either: "If you want some by themselves, we've got loose ones up here." Good to know. Now, if I ever manage to recover from the embarassment of being yelled at in a crowded farmer's market and go BACK there, I'll be sure to remember that. Oy.

Oh, PS, I'm finally reading "The DaVinci Code." They're in London! Whoohoo! Once I finish my plays and my huge essay, I think I might take a Saturday and visit some of the sites mentioned. London! Whoohoo! (oh, and the book's pretty good too)

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