Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Ahhh, jetlag, my auld familiar friend. Hey, it's my birthday today...I forgot, since we had birthday dinner last night. Happy birthday me. I think I'll give myself RENT tickets. haha.

Well, the flight went well...I got to sit next to a v. cute Welsh guy who agreed totally with me that the Texan soldier behind us was a complete jerk. The flight was fine, except for the moment when the plane dropped about two feet out of the sky, causing my heart to momentarily stop. Peter and Dad were waiting at the airport for me (Dad in his Packer Santa hat, so he was easily spotted) and the ride home was uneventful. It's SO COLD HERE!!! OMG! I mean, I keep telling everyone in London, "Cold? Pfft. I'll show you cold." I wish I could bottle up some of this to bring back. But it snowed a little today, so that made me happy (ah! snow!)

So far I haven't...done much. Well, I read about half of Harry Potter 6 yesterday, and then I went and visited Grandma and we had birthday dinner, so it's pretty much me trying not to be jetlagged and staying warm. Relaxing, basically. :) Anyway, so, I'm home now...if anyone wants to give me a call, the number's the same, although I'm sure most of you are going through similar situations. (took me 10 minutes to get online! ! 10 MINUTES!) Anyway. Eleven AM and I'm still in my (flannel) pyjamas. Guess I should probably go get dressed. :)


Samantha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll see ya in a few days!

Chris said...

Glad that you got home safe.
Happy Birthday
And see you in only a very few short days.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, dear. I was thinking of you. It's now 11:30 the day after your birthday and I just got to work. I'll try and call you tonight if it's not too late.