Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm Going Home

I wanted to write about the three (count 'em three) shows I saw this weekend (well, four if you count the funny guy at Covent Garden) but I'm just so wiped I can't. Remind me to describe them for you when I see them. (well, I will say the English Panto "Aladdin" was possibly the funniest and most offensive thing I'd ever seen. It took place--Aladdin=a Middle Eastern story--in China, so half the script was taken up with these mildly offensive Chinese jokes. Which would have been okay...except I went with my roommate Lisa who is, infact, an actual Chinese person, so I was hyper-sensitive of the jokes and had to ask her several times for permission to laugh. She thought it was funny though, especially when they taught the audience an actual Chinese song, so we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. (the song goes "Drr! Piau Piau Piau!" in case you want to learn it) As for Sir Ian, he did not disappoint. He was so good--even though he was in a really flat, stupid, drag character--I was amazed at how much physicality he brought to the character, not to mention humor, including a segment, "Oh, no, not another ring--ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!" "Come back to us, Twankey!")

But, of course, the big news is I'm going home tomorrow. I hate to pull rank and say, "Pfft. You think going away is hard? well, try going to a FOREIGN COUNTRY!" but I do...I do think it was a little more difficult for me. Just, well, I mean, if I even wanted to talk with someone, I had to schedule it ("okay, nine my time is three your time...") etc, so for the past three months I have been bascially on radio silence. When I see you-plural I'm going to just start talking and telling you-plural all about everything until you have to shove a (clean) sock in my mouth to get me to shut up. I could ramble on to the girls here, but they've seen it. I'm just so excited to come home and be able to make swooping hand gestures when I explain things. To be seen! To be heard! oy, I shoulda been an actress. I mean, all things are secondary to being able to make a facial expression and have someone see it. (yes, mom, even your meatloaf. Secondary) Which reminds me...I'm off to get the video of our performance so you-plural can all see me making a fool of myself. It's not very maybe after a few eggnogs I'll play it and then go hide myself under the bed.


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Laura said...

I cannot wait to talk to you on the phone again (after 9pm) like a normal person, nor to see you you in person! Especially now that you have been in the Presence of Sir Ian! Is he followed by a shining light all around him? Wouldn't surpise me! Safe travels to you! I'm sure you're on your way home to us even as I write this!
Call me! (after 9pm)!