Thursday, December 22, 2005

Goodness, it's quiet

Everything is so cheap here! I've spent the last two days out at the mall, catching up on my consumerism. Mostly, ya know, basics like t-shirts and tights ('cause when you wear skirts in the winter, you gotta wear tights) but I did Splurge and get a $100 pair of jeans...that was on sale for $30. :)

It's very weird being home. I mean, I'm having a great time, sleeping, relaxing, getting a chance to slow down and think. I might even pull my computer out tonight and type some on a play. But it's very strange being in...well...the country. I'm so used to London and the busyness and noise of the city that being in GB is very weird. I had to go buy some tea yesterday because, well, because it was four o'clock and we had no tea and I wanted some. I never thought that culture shock would set in so quickly or so hard. Walking around, listening to the accents of the people in the grocery store seems stranger now than going down to Lewisham and listening to different languages. I have to laugh at the trendy girls in the mall though--if only they knew how last season their "look" was. I might look odd in my military jacket and flats, but only because, for once, I'm cool. (she pauses for a sip of tea) And by cool I mean freezing. If I could see the north side of 32 degrees, I'd be happy.

It's also weird because for so long this has been my home. I mean, I grew up in this house, but it's no longer my home. This is some place I come to visit for a few weeks. I now know for sure when I graduate I don't want to come back to live in GB, which means that technically I have no home. Which is kind of an odd feeling. This doesn't send me into a melancholy spiral, however, instead it makes me feel oddly elated. I could go anywhere! As I've mentioned to some of you, my post-graduation plans at this point have got no further than: 1. Find stable job & apartment 2. Adopt dog.

Home is where the puppy is. :)

Anyway. See what large amounts of quiet and thinking hours will do to me? (not to mention being well-fed) Imagine the brilliance that will pour forth when I work on my thing tonight. Other than that, not much to report. I'll see some of you on Christmas day (thanks for the birthday card, Aunt Becky!) and some of you after, so we'll talk then. Cheers!

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