Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, about two months ago I applied for a costume technician at Colonial Williamsburg. I figured they'd never give my application a second look because while I love to sew, I have no practical experience.

But three weeks ago they sent me a sewing test. So I did it and sent it back, figuring they were going to get ten sewing tests that were better and I'd never hear from them again.

Then they wanted to interview me. So I had a phone interview last Friday, figuring they were going to also interview a hundred more qualified candidates who were already living in Virginia.

Then, yesterday, the phone rang and when the woman introduced herself, the thought that ran brightly through my head was "Wow! It was really nice of her to call and say they're hiring someone else! No one ever calls!" And I almost missed the part where she invited me to join their team.

Bloody hell.


Yeah, so...I had to tell her I needed to think about it for a few hours. I feel really, REALLY bad that I won't go down to Mississippi. I had prepared myself mentally for it and I was ready, but--well--after a long conversation with the parents (over a plateful of fried fish) I decided that this would probably be a better decision. So I called my new boss this morning and told her I'd be there in two weeks. Then I had to let MS know I wasn't coming. That was not fun.

So I will be working in Colonial Williamsburg, as a Costume Maintenance Technician (think practicum student), which is a full-time, year-round, hourly position. I will be sewing on buttons and fixing holes and maybe, MAYBE building some new clothes. Also measuring reenactors for breeches. I will be living in Williamsburg, Virginia, which was founded in 1699, one of the oldest cities in America, an hour south of Washington DC, near the Atlantic Ocean (my favourite) and since all the apartments I've looked at have had no problems with dogs, maybe that dream will come true as well.

It's all so sudden!

But very exciting.

Right now that I've had a little time to sort of think, absorb, I'm sitting here looking up at the ceiling going "God? Are you up there? Are you telling me something?" After all--of all the applications/job interviews/PhD statements I wrote, this is the one that comes back to me. Did I finally get lucky after a half-dozen rejections? Or has the Higher Power finally got me manuevered into the position She wants me to be in?

I must work very hard and not screw this up.

But it's so exciting! Virginia! omg!


Premiere girl said...

WooHooo!!!!!!!!Congrats girl!!!!!!
The Force is with you:))

Samantha said...

Congrats Beautiful! And you won't screw this one up. Karma may be a bitch, but eventually she gets it right. Hmmm...Virginia...I've another reason to visit now!

Greta said...

That's so amazing!!! Congrats :) Maybe I'll have to stop in Virginia on my mini road trip this summer...

Chris said...

Congrats!!! When does the gig start??

Jack Bunny said...

Blows my mind. You finally landed in the correct century. I'm overjoyed for you.