Tuesday, February 19, 2008

democracy is not a spectator sport...

...unless it's democracy overseas.

Yay! A good day for historical, world-changing events!

first up we have PAKISTAN which managed to hold elections relatively peacefully even after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. And early counts are saying that Musharraf's party is OUT! God only knows what kind of unholy coalition will form as a result of this, but hey, what's the worst they could do? FIND BIN LADEN?

Next--eastward and northward--we have the sovereign country of KOSOVO! Yes, Kosovo, that plucky historically ethnic enclave of Albanians has broken away from Serbia to form their own country. Yay! Baby country! Toss out your European maps--it's time to redraw some borders! (the beeb does it better here)

Then finally: CUBA! Apparently Fidel Castro will not be seeking reelection, prompting Nicki to say "they have elections in Cuba?" and her roommate to give Fidel three months to live. GW Bush was quick to claim a "victory" saying the US would be more than happy to help Cuba move towards democracy, although the embargo "will remain in place." Dang. No visiting Cuba in the near future--hey British friends, pick me up some cigars while you're there, 'kay?

And also--bonus domestic round--TODAY are the Democratic primaries in Wisconsin!!! I know most of my loyal readers hail from that best of states and I hope you all voted!!! Voting is fun! Democracy is not a spectator sport! Barack Obama is our best hope for a bright new future! (oops sorry, I didn't mean to be partisan, but hey--what can I say?)


Laura said...

I would love to vote if only my county would send me my Dang ballot in time like they promised! No dice. By the way in the field of speculation - Peace Corps Cuba in our lifetime. Wouldn't that be cool - someone will get to be part of training class #1!

Samantha said...

Hawaii's caucus was today too :p Not that Hilliary had much of a chance when Obama grew up here.