Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun Stuff

1. I still say "when I grow up I want to." So does my dad.

2. The coolest person I know is my grandma. She tells me stories about voting for FDR and I tell her no fair using politicians who were around before I was born when we're talking politics

3. I took second-grade reading when I was in first-grade. When I was in second-grade I had to repeat it.

4. Everyone calls me Nicki sooner or later, even if I introduce myself as "Nicole" and they don't know any of my other friends.

5. When I was five my best friend was Jessica.

6. One summer I worked at an ice-cream parlor

7. The people who mean the most to me are far, far away from me. Or snoring in the next room

8. I love traveling more than anything.

9. I make baklava better than anyone I know. Okay, I'm the only person I know who makes baklava.

10. I'm still waiting for my first "real" boyfriend.

11. I once bought a sword in Wisconsin Dells and used it to cut a hamburger in half at a Culver's.

12. My first play was produced when W. was president and I know he didn't see it.

13. My favourite ale is called "Hardy's Kiss" and I haven't found it in the States.

14. I am afraid I'm getting arthritis in my right thumb.

15. My favorite colors are purple and red. Preferrably worn together.

16. I’ve lived in three states. I'm biased towards Wisconsin

17. One of my best friends in the whole world is my journal

18. I have ridden in a motorhome and the backseat of a car through several hundred miles of Canada

19. I have never been to Mexico.

20. My first internet experience was eWorld, an AOL-type community for Mac users that went defunct when I was fifteen.

21. I can handle any answer except radio silence.

22. I’ve always wanted to visit Russia.

23. For a peanut butter cookie, I’ll give you a fifteen minute backrub.

24. I’m still waiting to discover what I’m qualified to do in real life. I have a degree from Stevens Point and Goldsmiths.

25. I’m a Methodist.

26. I like model ships made out of ANYTHING.

27. It’s much easier for me to avoid temptation if I'm not tired.

28. I enjoy mowing the lawn.

29. My birthday is on December 21st, which is the first day of winter.

30. I can say "please" and "thank you" in at least five languages, but I can't spell epharisto, which is "Thank you" in Greek.

31. Both of my eyes are green and I am very vain of their colour.

32. I sat in a theatre with Ian McKellan once. He was wearing leather pants. I was wearing jeans.

33. I have a great appetite for real Greek salads.

34. I took two stones from the Thames river when I left London. I took two so they wouldn't get lonely being so far away from home.

35. Being married is a state which mystifies me.

36. I directed Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I still can't believe it.

37. To my true astonishment, I’ve discovered I thoroughly appreciate Hamlet as a piece of literature, so much so that I don't want to see it performed on stage.

38. I am French-Canadian, Scottish, Bohemian, French, and Dutch. I'm most geeked out about the Bohemian part.

39. I don't really care for Indiana.

40. When I’m not writing, I'm reading or sewing.

41. My "first" car was a 1994 Buick I named the Argo.

42. Alan Rickman once rolled his eyes at me.

43. I never learned how to draw people in proportion.

44. I’ve always wanted to go to the moon.

45. Everyone I voted for previously has lost the presidential race. I am hoping this changes this time around.

46. I collect hats. Apparently.

47. To my horror, I've discovered that I've started talking like how I write: run-on sentences and too many words where a selected few would suffice.

48. I have never acted, but I would like to try. However I suspect that announcing my intentions to study acting would just about finish off my poor parents.

49. I have an iPod named Napoleon. He holds all sixty of my musicals very nicely.

50. I am an epic-saga old fashioned type of romantic. Also a feminist.

51. Sometimes I think too much about things and then my head hurts.

52. I believe in unicorns.

53. I have a pair of jeans that were a hundred dollars which I got for thirty. I think I've worn them maybe three times, but I will never throw them away because they are soo cool.

54. Cold weather drives me MAD.

55. Friends can talk me into doing things by saying "I don't believe you would ever do that." Sometimes I think that's why I have two tattos.

56. I used to be first-base person when I played softball and I was DAMME GOOD at it.

57. I will also dance along to the radio if I'm home alone.

58. I’ve always had a fierce wanderlust. I blame my Bohemian ancestors.

59. I still worry about actors reading my scripts and talking about what I've written. I'd rather not be in the room for it.

60. Sarah-Evil-Sarah was my best friend in high school. We no longer speak.

61. I'm not comfortable sleeping in the total dark unless it's a familiar place.

62. I dress very conservatively unless it's summer, then I wear a bathing suit as much as possible.

63. People compliment me on being a redhead, which is still weird to me even though I've been dying my hair for twelve years now.

64. I was an illegal alien for about two months once.

65. Global warming scares me because I'll probably be around to see the beginning of the worst of it.

66. When I’m not writing or reading, I’m sewing/embroidering.

67. My favorite art style is Rococco or Barock or New Empire. My favourite painter is Turner, followed closely by Frieda Kahlo and Klimt.

68. I love good actors. Current faves include LAurence Olivier, Javier Bardem and Cillian Murphy. I feel slightly guilty that they are all also gorgeous.

69. I talk to myself while I'm walking and work out dialogue.

70. I’m beginning to really like sushi.

71. 16 was my box number in third-grade. I think it's because my name was sixteenth from the top of the list. I've never forgotten it.

72. The thing that impresses me most about Canadians is their laid-back-ness. They are not easily roused and I think that is a plus.

73. I think I'd make a good mom. I have names picked out for seven children.

74. I'd like to marry a British man and be interviewed by Neil Gaiman. I'd also like to win several million dollars, build a replica of HMS Victory and go sailing around the world.

75. My sister-in-law is having a baby. I don't know which is weirder: that she's actually HAVING a baby or the fact that my brother is the FATHER.

76. I'm most comfortable in flip-flops.

77. When I was a college freshman, I didn't have to work. Later on, I worked in a paper mill for two summers, which paid for my college tuition.

78. When I was fifteen I got a purple/maroon Scwhinn bike that I picked out for it's color and not because it was a man's bike. It's named Windsong. And I still have it.

79. There have been many times when the only thing preventing me from picking a direction and going is the fact I don't have a car.

80. I used to sing in a choir. I miss it a lot.

81. I have the London Underground map memorised. All right, zones one and two. That comes in handy when you're in Central London.

82. I enjoy eating cheese curds far too much.

83. I remember rain being warmer when I was younger and you could go out and play it in. Now all the rain is cold.

84. My mother used to make popovers when we were younger and then she stopped. Then my brother bought her a popover pan and now she makes them again, but only for Easter. I always try to be home for Easter.

85. I know how to drive a forklift.

86. I miss living with friends.

87. I have a fondness for tea biscuits.

88. The last time I wore a necktie was when I graduated from Stevens Point.

89. The last time I wore a tricorn was yesterday.

90. I voted twelve times for purple M&Ms and I'm still mad that blue won.

91. The last time I rode a horse I fell off.

92. I have five books about Nelson. Two of them were gifts. I'm very embarassed about this.

93 I read blogs and marvel at how similar some people are to me.

94. My mom collects hippos because she thought it was a "rare" animal for people to make. She now has a couple hundred.

95. When I was younger, I couldn't talk when PAcker news was on. Now that I'm older, dad isn't allowed to talk when presidential news is on.

96. The hospital where I was born is now an apartment complex. I dream about knocking on someone's door someday and saying "hi, d' you mind if I come in? I was born here."

97. If ever belonged to any military organization, I strongly suspect they would carry flintlock muskets and sign their letters "Yr Humble & Ob't Srvt."

98. I once found a lost dog. I took it over to a friend's house and we called the Humane Society, and then we looked in the paper and realised we could have gotten a reward.

99. My first paying job was working for McDonald's. It was my dad's first job too. When he dropped me off the first day we had a moment.

100. I have a younger brother. I'm more excited about that fact now that we're older.

101. If I drink more than one cup of coffee I get the shakes.

102. I used swim four times a week.

103. When I quote the Declaration of Independence, I'm with Jefferson: it's "INalienable rights."

104. I stole this from this blog:


Laura said...

I made baklava once. I used a recipe from Moosewood Vegetarian cookbook. It has appricot custard in the middle. It didn't turn out so bad for a first attempt, but so good. I had a lot of left over filo dough on the top.

Julie Morrison said...

104. That's okay. He stole it from this blog.

Jack Bunny said...

Yes I did. But you did it better.