Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm a Writer!

Okay--first off, is everyone okay? I had a really disturbing dream last night and I woke up afraid I was going to get a Phone Call or read that Barack Obama had been shot (something else I've also dreamed about). Everyone okay? All limbs accounted for? Yes, yes, except for you, Admiral, anyone else? No? Good.

Secondly--tada! I'm a writer! Films 4 Two finally put up my articles about Sweeney Todd and Hairspray. I'm so thrilled! I wasn't sure if they'd be published since I didn't do any more revision, but here they are. yayy! And I even have my own section now--"Nicki Loves Adaptations." Yayyy! I'm a writer!

Okay--off to do writerly stuff like write query letters and figure out my taxes. Yay!


Sarah said...

That's great Nicki! I'm so happy and proud of you. I knew your brilliance would be recognized soon. This is only the the out!

Sarah said...

Congratulations, and that Hairspray review is excellent ... I haven't read Sweeney Todd because I want to see it first ! And now I have you on my feeds, so I'll never miss another post again :)

Premiere girl said...

Congrats!!! This is great! I read them and they are awsome articles!
Your proud Greek

Samantha said...