Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Sunday

This morning I was awoken at eight-thirty (eight-thirty!!!) by the BOM BOM BOM of horrible tweenage music. As I lay there, a war broke out within my soul. Part of me, the old, crochety twenty-six year old swore up and down we were going to go down there and kick in the door and break whatever CD was in the machine THAT INSTANT. Then the twelve-year old part of me reminded me how annoying we used to be when we were twelve and listened to "Phantom of the Opera" over and over and over again at top volume and how no one had ever threatened to take our cassette and pull the threads out until there was nothing left but a shining pile of innards. Yes, I said, but did we listen to Phantom at EIGHT THIRTY IN THE BLOODY MORNING?! Luckily for all involved, sanity prevailed and no doors were kicked in. But I have a sneaking suspicion today's music may have been something along the lines of "High School Musical" in which case it might have been kinder to commence door kicking/CD shattering, etc. Arg.

So, fully awake at eight thirty I proceeded to:

A. Finish my jacket (yay! It looks really cool!)
B. Watch some more "Boondocks"
C. Do yoga.
D. Make pancakes and coffee from beans (and this time I think I got the amount right so my coffee was merely "strong" as opposed to "espresso injected directly into your soul")
E. Work on "Bell Hollee" for four hours, pausing briefly to discover that the house where Nelson got married to Frances is now a destination for honeymooners.*

And now it's quarter to four and I think it's time I got out of my pajamas and braved the shattering cold to get some quesadilla stuff. I has a craving.

I love Sunday.

*Ow! Historical irony brick! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Laura said...

sounds like a fantabulous sunday. mine was pretty dern good too - at least in the begining when it involved pancakes with honey not syrup :( and clips from "A Daily Show! :P

Samantha said...

Sad...all I did this Sunday was learn how to surf :P

If it makes you feel any better, I never made it to my feet and bite it more times than I care to count!

Nicki said...

I actually like honey on my pancakes...I'd rather have real honey than fake maple syrup.

Aww, surfing. I hope you had a hot instructor there to catch you when you went under!