Sunday, February 17, 2008

sewing with a hammer

I can see how this sewing thing is addicting. I just finished my second project--a bag for my yoga mat--I'm already itching to start another. I'm quite proud of my bag, it's something I designed myself. Sort of a long tube of fabric with a bit of stitching across one point to stop my mat from sliding all the way down, grommets on either end and a carabiner to hold it all together so I can sling it across my shoulder and go bounding off to a yoga class, should the urge take me. The grommets were quite perplexing until I realised the instructions were serious when they said to lay the tiny anvil on a slab of concrete, so I left off banging away in my living room (take THAT, tiny running-around terrors with your horrible tween music!) and finished the deed on the threshold in our kitchen. Ta-da.

It's a cold, rainy, miserable day today--as it's been for several weeks, but today is especially nasty, since we've had rain on and off, and I'm loathe to leave the premises, since I might go when it's not raining, only to come out again in a thundershower. Yes, thunder. God bless the Midwest. Today was meant to be a Day of Beauty, since I was planning on giving myself a pedicure and getting my hair cut, but on the way home from the salon I stopped and bought a copy of "B*tch" magazine and now I need to do my taxes. Say rather a day of beauty and brains. What can I say? Some girls have it all.


Samantha said... cathartic.

Laura said...

The March 1st Bitch is on the stands already? ooooh...I'm looking forward to it.

Nicki said...

No, this is the lost and found issue. I haven't been to the feminist book store down the street for awhile. :)