Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Than A Headache

I'm desperately hoping that this odd torpid feeling I have is nothing more than a headache, or the response to a change in the weather. (yeah, remember what I said about it being too hot? I take it back!!!) My sinuses are pressure-y and I am exhausted, even though I got nine hours of sleep last night. I'm feeling particularly spiteful towards my roommates ("Morning." "THOSE DISHES AREN'T GOING TO WASH THEMSELVES!" --well, at least no one has left their coats on the chairbacks, because that's a particular peeve of mine--oh wait, we DON'T HAVE ANY CHAIRS.) And my nose tries to run occasionally, but again that could just be the weather.

On the plus side, the downturn in temperature means I can break out my fabulous brown coat which has featured so prominently in every picture of me taken outside for the past year and my London scarves, which instantly up my trendy-factor. Bonus point: my coat is so big it still fits even when I have my suit on.

But I am a little scared that I will get sick. I'm due for a whopping great cold, but RIGHT NOW is not a good time. On average, I'm getting about an hour and a half with my GRE study materials each day, not to mention I have another six places I want to ask/beg for a job this weekend. Also, have to figure out how to inflict MLA-style on my Assassins paper and eventually submit an awesome application to Madison that will guarantee me instant admission, even though I have zero confidence in my abilities right now. I have concinved myself I'm not going to be accepted, but instead will be stuck in Chicago forever paying ever-higher taxes. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm nursing a low-grade Feminine Complaint. I'm sick of studying and everything I write is shite.

And now I'm done complaining.

It's probably just a headache anyway.

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