Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jumping through hoops

You'd think if I was smart enough to think about a PhD, I'd be smart enough to figure out the application process, but nooooo...

After weeks of being sidetracked by the GRE, I've returned to the application itself, a fun little mix of electronic applications, getting transcripts from two continents, putting old papers into MLA style (not to mention American spelling), and figuring out how the hell recommendations are supposed to work. The Graduate School (not to be confused with the Theatre Dept) wants electronic forms. But does the Theatre Dept want hard copies? Who knows?! The supremely unhelpful secretary who answered the phone with "Well, what's wrong?" (aimed not at me, but at someone else in the room--please hold) told me I should call back Monday.

Monday I wanted to be mailing. Bullocks, this is stressful.

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Premiere girl said...

I know e x a c t l y what you mean! Patience is a virtue but this process can be soooooo frustrating