Saturday, October 06, 2007

The big 5-0

So today is a landmark of sorts--I've lost fifty pounds. I wasn't aiming for a specific number, but I finally managed to get over the "plateau" and now I'm down to--well, I still want to see the south side of 200, but it's a lot closer now that it was three weeks ago. Lest you think I'm Being unhealthy, however, let me tell you that it took me about two years to get to this point—so that’s like a half a pound a week on average. Woot. I had a job interview this morning that did not go well—I arrived late because of the BLOODY CTA!!! and then I couldn’t remember my ACT score. It’s ninety degrees today and I’m absolutely dying—I keep forgetting to shave my legs so I can’t wear shorts (hey, if I’m going to submit to the American beauty standard of thinness I might as well go whole hog and buy into the shiny-legs theory as well) and I was feeling grumpy so I thought I’d get an iced tea and a doughnut. And now my stomach is unhappy:

“What is this. Is this…is this a doughnut?! What the hell?! Oh, you are going to suffer…”

I think it’s probably partly the weather tho. Come on, rain!

I am happy—my new roommate and I painted the living room last night in a burst of energy. Nothing bonds roommates like painting and arguing about musical theatre. New Roommate says that musical plays are bad because it breaks the rules of plays by telling not showing. I was aghast for a whole minute at that before I (gently) explained that musical theatre wasn’t beholden to the “rules” of drama because musical theatre is a different art form. Then he called Sweeney Todd a melodrama and I had to excuse myself and go take a shower to cool off. I think we’ll get along, as long as he never talks crazy ever again. But the living room is nicely painted—I’m a little embarrassed at the boring color I picked. In the end I couldn’t bear the idea of a cold living room, so I went with “Brickdust” which is kind of like chocolate milk. I’m hoping it will be less beige once I get some pictures up on the walls and the curtains hung. Right now I’m off to the Laundromat to wash out our rug, and then I’m going to sew up the curtains. Hancock fabric was having a sale so I got fifteen yards of sheers $28. woot.

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Laura said...

I can't believe it's that hot in chicago while I'm freezing here at night, sleeping in my long underware. Not yet wearing a fall jacket during the day (because I'm waiting for my mom to get back from NYC so she can send it) and wearing long sleeves every day - sometimes a sweater. That shouldn't sound that unusual to you because IT'S OCTOBER!!!

I don't know much about Sweeney Todd but I did just read about the story on Wikkepedia and the musical is based on an original play that was a melodrama. I remember learning about melodrama in Ellen's theatre history class. The one I sucked up even though it was a good class.

Who says a song can't show instead of telling? That's B.S. I know plenty of musical theatre songs that "show".