Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happiness is...

...three libraries in two days.

All right.

Good thing number 6 about Chicago: they have a LOT of libraries here. With good reference material. Sometimes more than one copy. And all the Goldsmiths alumni know what I'm talkin' about.

So I am incredibly stressed/irritable/nervous/upset/etc about this test on Friday. I know that My Entire Future is not riding on one test score, but since this is one thing I have a little control over, one thing I can prepare for, I've been studying for it with the single-minded fervour demonstrated by Sir Christopher Wren when it came to that cathedral project. Am I over-prepared? ...possibly. I have practised and practised and upped my vocabulary, and written good but brief analytical papers. Okay, I'm ready. But the test isn't until Friday. Now what?

Rather than continue to study/freak out, I decided to hit the libraries yesterday and today and gather some material for a dramaturgical assault on 1776. What is dramaturgy? It is researching anything the director asks you to, which might be historical items, the production history of the show, and/or interpretive essays on the text. The director wants me to focus on the historical interactions between the real people in each delegation. Which means: Lot of shiny happy primary material that has to be distilled down to a level where actors can understand it. ("Actors" meaning "people who work very hard and who are also doing their own research but who don't have enough time for all these interesting things," not, "bloody actors!")

The end result of two day's labours is a stack of books that would make Hermione tear up with approbation and cause Mr. Norrell to shoot me covetous looks. Oh bliss. Oh joy. If only Madison could see me now.

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Laura said...

Good luck to you, honey! I know you'll do just fine! We will speak before Friday. Let me know what day is good for you and I'll call you in the afternoon - evening for me.