Sunday, January 14, 2007

One day in Greenwich

Alison has also been very depressed lately, since she's leaving at the end of the month. I thought it would be a good idea if we got out of the house for awhile, so we went to Greenwich. Nothing unusual about that, only this time we took a ship. It was £3 for a Thames Clipper ticket, which took about twenty minutes. It was the most beautiful day possible, a bit chilly, but not unbearable. The sun was gorgeous and there was no clouds or smog. London is so gorgeous by river. We got dropped off on the other side of the river though, so we had to walk through the pedestrian tunnel which goes underneath. We went for tapas (Spanish food) under Alison's direction, and then wandered around the market for awhile before finishing off with cake and coffee. I even managed to find a new pin--there's a legend that Nelson killed a polar bear while he was 1st liuetenant in Canada, which is why they're nearing extinction--and this pin had a really funny picture of the teenage Nelson about to brain the polar bear with the stock of his rifle. It is just the most random thing to have on a pin, and I had to have it. Then we took the DLR (electric driverless trains) back into the city.

It was just a gorgeous perfect day. I think we were both happy to wander around in our city and enjoy the hell out of it. And you know me, add ship and I am happy. Still, I can't help wondering when I'll get back to Greenwich again, which is why I bought the pin. I am absolutely dead though. So much walking and Spanish food and about a pound of chocolate cake. It's only 7 here, but I might turn in early. I have a new book: "The Age of Misrule." Legends and gods come back to life in modern London. So far I've recognised all the places, from Wandsworth Common to Clapham Junction. whoo.

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