Friday, January 19, 2007

cranky. need dog.

I’m also cranky because the humane society in Fon du Lac turned down my application for one of their dogs, suggesting politely that I might want to get settled first. Fair enough. But I don’t know WHERE I want to settle. After the temperate winters of London, I’m not looking forward to living in Wisconsin again, but I don’t know where to go. The huge fact that I need to find A Job, A Place to Live and a New Sense of Purpose in the next two months is overwhelming. I just want to put my head under the duvet. I don’t like starting over again. I just want to settle down somewhere and do my bathroom in a “Nile” theme. (and by “nile” I mean “battle of” not fruity palm trees and alligators) Is that so much to ask?!


Samantha said...

Puppy puppy puppy! The humane society just called. They want call you back but cannot decipher your hand! Husky lab mix? I hope you have time to walk such hyper dog. I'm so happy for you!

Chris said...

Hey Nicki I hear you on the trying to figure everything out in such a short amount of time.