Saturday, January 27, 2007

My First Day as an Illegal Alien

I'll still drink tea when I come back to the states, but what I'll really miss is getting on the Tube to go to the teashop and having a pack of rabid Manchester fans start singing "When the Reds Go Marching In" in between asking "Is this London?" Ah. Went out for tapas again today ( and then to Knightsbridge for tea, at Alison's request. Did a lot of walking around the city. We stopped at the National Gallery so that I could finally get a print of "The Fighting Temeraire is tugged to her last Berth to be Broken Up" which is going to be the focus point in my living room...wherever THAT is. Then I got to carry it around Knightsbridge in it's pretentious little red carrying case, poking people in their Harrod's bags. Anyone can go to Harrods, but it takes a SPECIAL kind of person to spend money at the National Gallery. And it takes a Nicki to spend money at the Gallery on a painting that she already owns in postcard, notepad and mousepad form.

Yesterday was my last day at work, and it was very nice. A little rushed--I was trying to get everything set up since there will be NO ONE there on Monday--but at the end of the day the directors and secretaries gave me a copy of a photograph of the city with everyone's signatures around the edge. It was taken by one of the company photographers, so it's a one of a kind picture that has a much deeper quality than the stuff you can find at the tourist stands. I also got a lovely green necklace from one of the little indie shops in Covent Garden. I really feel like I'll be missed, which is nice. Although--not too missed, since I'm going back to have lunch with our publisher on Tuesday, and the HR manager has promised to forward my resume to their office in Chicago.

I know that I have seven weeks of rehearsal and show coming up, but I'm already feeling like "ah! This is my last chance to experience London! Get it all in while I can!" Probably not helped by the fact that some of my friends have already left and tonight I'm going to another goodbye party for an American. Ah, well. It's been fun. What's next?

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